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Insurance quote: Sureland, The Styn, Iprox, Loan le Smart

Insurance quote: Sureland, The Styn, Iprox, Loan le Smart

Online insurance comparators such as Styn or Sureland offer borrowers the opportunity to compare major insurance contracts available in the credit insurance market. These free online comparison tools, available to internet users for more than 10 years, make it possible to find the loan insurance offer that is the most advantageous in terms of tariffs and guarantees, and which is the most adapted to the profile of the borrower (smoker, young, senior, profession at risk, health risk).

Comparator insurance independent, instant loan

An insurance comparator has the function of questioning insurance companies almost instantly and then displaying the offer at the lowest rate and at the most advantageous rate of borrower insurance. In order to use it, it is necessary for the user to provide some information about his situation and the loan to be insured: amount of credit, age, profession, desired insurance coverage. After automatic analysis of the elements issued, the comparator insurance borrower directs the borrower to an insurance company or a broker presenting the best offer of the market and best meeting his needs.


A credit insurance comparator is an essential tool to achieve significant savings on the cost of its loan insurance. With the Hali Law, the consumer law 2014, allowing the termination of a credit insurance contract during a period of 1 year taking effect on the date of signing the credit, it is certain that the use of loan insurance comparators online will increase sharply.

This is indeed a real possibility for borrowers to reduce the cost of their insurance and therefore the cost of their credit!

Comparative loan insurance: points to hold your attention

Comparative loan insurance: points to hold your attention

As with any signature of an insurance contract, a person having to take out a real estate borrower insurance must examine certain essential points to know and apprehend any eventuality as well as to avoid any bad surprises. Here are the points you need to check to compare contracts in detail:

  • Definition in the contract of disability incapacity for work.
  • Franchise time which is at the beginning of a work stoppage or after a job loss (dismissal), and is the period that it is necessary to wait before the insurer takes over the repayments.
  • Age limit after which the guarantee of the insurance contract no longer plays.
  • Waiting period starting at the time of the subscription and during which the guarantees can not apply.

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