Take a Payday Loan Through Mobile Application

We all know that most services and purchases can be purchased using a smartphone. For these devices, there are a lot of applications for shopping and price comparison. Of course, it came to the Payday Loan – now you can take a payday loan using a mobile application.

Using a smartphone to get urgent money today is picking more and more borrowers. Last year, there were a little more than 65% of such Payday Loan clients, this year they are already 10% more. In this case, while the majority chooses the usual transition to the site, but the number of those who successfully use special applications still becomes larger. Last year this indicator was at the level of only 3%, at the beginning of this year at the level of 5%, and at the beginning of the summer already more than 8%.


Payday Loan through Mobile Application, Really?

Payday Loan through Mobile Application, Really?

Mobile applications are becoming more popular than search services in a mobile browser. Today, the user is more willing to install the application on the phone even if he plans to use it no more than once a month. payday loan applications can be useful and even save time and money. If only because personal data entered once is not required to be entered the next time money can be urgently needed. In addition, many Payday Loans encourage downloading and using their application, and for each new loan you can get an additional discount.

Of course, the existing clients of the company will most often find out about the application. But there are also among those who decided to take a payday loan through a mobile application, new customers. And, like the other indicators, these data have the same upward trend. So, for example, last year there were no new borrowers who used a mobile application to receive money. And in the summer of this year there are already almost 4% of all borrowers.

It is believed that new borrowers install an application for a company not only for the sake of convenience, but also to make it easier to provide all the necessary information about themselves and once again convince the Payday Loan of the seriousness of their intentions.

Applications are useful to both the borrower and the Payday Loan.

Every day, Payday Loans are more willing to approve loans that have been processed using a mobile application. Most likely this is due to the fact that the application is associated with a specific person, thereby the microfinance company reduces its risks.

Applications are useful to both the borrower and the Payday Loan.

Payday loans began to be popular because they can be issued quickly and receive money on the same day. But for this, the Payday Loan should quickly examine the potential borrower in order to approve the amount requested. This certainly helps mobile applications. After all, most of those who use them want to get money as quickly as possible and spend it on something concrete. Therefore, a person asks for the amount that he really needs, and not a little more, just in case.

Like the payday loans themselves, people will get used to their mobile applications gradually, but much faster. Many, installing the application, request the amount of 1000 – 5000 rubles. Then close the loan and already take the amount larger. In the future, the demand for such a service will only grow. New technologies will also contribute to this, with the help of which it is possible to confirm your identity faster and easier, which means you will get a service faster.

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