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2022 primary election: Drew Bulecza for US Senate

Drew Bulecza

NORTH CAROLINA ⁠— Drew Bulecza, of Lincolnton, is a Republican running for the U.S. Senate. Bulecza must defeat 13 other Republican candidates in the primaries to secure his place in the general election.

Port City Daily sent out a questionnaire to all candidates on ballots in the tri-county area, even those unopposed. For federal and state offices, we asked applicants to address issues relevant to Cape Fear: PFAS, offshore wind, affordable housing, and more.

The paywall is deposited on the profiles to help voters make informed decisions.

As a reminder, the early voting period runs from April 28 to May 14. The voter registration deadline is April 22. Voters can register same day throughout the two-week early voting period (check if your registration is active at your current address).

Primary election day is May 17. Voters will choose the candidates from their registered party that they wish to advance in the official election. Those registered as unaffiliated can choose the party primary in which they wish to vote.

Bulecza’s positions on the issues are discussed below. All responses are included in their entirety and the candidate’s opinions and statements do not reflect Port City Daily. Responses are edited for grammar, spelling, and clarity only.

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Port City Daily (PCD): Name three projects you would advocate for funding and why.

Drew Bulecza (DB): I believe in free market enterprise and I don’t believe in subsidies or funding of any kind except for necessary infrastructure. Any other type should seek private funding and not be funded by taxpayers.

PCD: Do you support the progress of the State towards the development of offshore wind power? Tax breaks for clean energy? To explain.

DB: No! Wind turbines have not been developed enough to my satisfaction and going offshore comes with many other problems such as disturbing aquatic life and further polluting the ocean. I did the math and their lifespan doesn’t even match their initial construction costs right now. They cannot be disposed of properly, use fossil fuels to build, and leak oil excessively. They also destroy wildlife. Until they are proven to be worth using, I don’t consider them a viable or economical source of energy.

PCD: What are the top priorities for meeting infrastructure needs in North Carolina?

DB: Let’s cut government corruption and payouts to contractors who build substandard infrastructure or eliminate political bribes and embezzlement so that infrastructure improvements can actually move forward. North Carolina is one of the most profitable states, taxes continue to rise, but not enough is done due to corruption and wasteful spending.

PCD: How would you propose that everyone in North Carolina have access to affordable health care?

DB: I said that to the Fed. Study models around the world and compare the best ones. Free markets will allow competition and lower costs. Big Pharma and the entire healthcare system are out of control. Too expensive for the average American. There is no such thing right now that affordable health care and subsidies are not the answer.

PCD: Do you support actions to make North Carolina a more equitable state and provide opportunities for historically marginalized populations?

DB: America was and still is to some extent the land of opportunity. People create their own inequalities for the most part, but solving the immigration crisis would be a good step. I believe in teaching our children financial planning, responsibility, accountability and I do not tolerate empowerment at any level. Borders must be secure and people must come to this country legally and pursue proper naturalization procedures as our ancestors did. Historically marginalized??? If people choose to live under certain conditions, that is their choice. I worked with a young man years ago. I was his boss. We used to meet often for lunch and he told me he wanted to start his own business, but being a minority he didn’t have the same options as me and had a lot more obstacles to overcome. I told him he needed to get rid of that chip and get up and take charge of his own successes and failures. Stop blaming others and live your life to the fullest. I ran into him a few years later. He started his own business and became very successful. Our attitude defines our altitude and each of us can overcome…no matter our position or social background.

PCD: Coming out of 2021, where NC has raised over $400 million from film projects, should North Carolina take steps to strengthen the industry, like improving subsidies?

DB: North Carolina is a beautiful state on its own and will attract business and opportunity for that reason, its location, its climate, and its existing growth. So I do NOT tolerate pandering to extreme liberalism or giving in to threats such as what happened with HB2 and companies threatening not to come here. They’ll come here anyway… don’t give in to terrorism.

PCD: How far should the state go to attract businesses and promote economic development?

DB: It’s no different from Boosters…bribing and flattering to attract. As I said earlier, North Carolina will attract business because of its climate and the beauty of this state, as well as a strong economy.

PCD: What needs to be done to address PFAs in North Carolina drinking water?

DB: If it is not possible to find a way to prevent contamination, their use must be restricted. I’m not a big fan of the chemical industry and would rather skip it.

PCD: How should the State improve its flood resilience plan to prevent disaster scenarios, such as the aftermath of Hurricane Florence?

DB: I’m from Florida…you can’t outwit Mother Nature but you can prepare. Have evacuation procedures in place. In Florida, insurance companies will not insure structures built in flood zones or known storm tracks. It is an excellent deterrent against construction in these areas. People who choose to live in these high-risk areas bear full responsibility for any losses incurred.

PCD: What are the main issues in our K-12 schools right now and how would you tackle them?

DB: Teach academics not to criticize racial theory, political ideologies, or inappropriate sexual discussions.

PCD: What resources do we need to continue to fight against Covid-19? How should NC prepare for a future pandemic?

DB: You mean after the 2 weeks to slow down the curve?? Hold those responsible for using this plandemic for political and economic gain.

PCD: What is your position on the decriminalization of marijuana? To explain.

DB: Gateway drug. Medical use only

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