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Akyem Manso and Atiwa West retain the presidents

Last Friday, the outgoing presiding member of the Asene-Manso-Akroso District Assembly in the Eastern Region, Enoch Ofori Aiden, received overwhelming approval from the assembly members.

Mr. Aiden received 31 of the 33 valid votes cast to defeat his challenger, Alfred Nyarko Baiden, MP for Tabita/Badukrom, who obtained two votes.

Dead end

The assembly was unable to elect a presiding member at the first meeting of the assembly in Akyem Manso on March 31, 2022 because neither candidate obtained all 22 votes (i.e. two-thirds) of the 33 valid votes expressed.

The election ended in a stalemate as Mr. Aiden had 17 votes, with Mr. Baiden securing 16 votes.

Oda District Magistrate Robert Addo sworn in Enoch Ofori Aiden.


In his acceptance speech, Mr. Aiden expressed his gratitude to God and to local MP George Aboagye; District Executive Director (DCE), Alex Incoom, and assembly members for approval.

He urged his fellow assembly members to work tirelessly to transform the neighborhood.

He urged the government to provide the assembly with a new vehicle to facilitate internal revenue mobilization.

MP Mr Aboagye called on the members of the assembly to bury their political differences and work in unity to move the district forward.

The DCE, Mr. Incoom, expressed his gratitude to all the members of the assembly for having elected a president in order to facilitate the progress of the assembly.

West Atiwa

In a related development, Kofoya Tetteh reports from Kwabeng that the Atiwa West District Assembly in the Eastern Region has retained its presiding member, Douglas Amponsah Padi, for the post.

In an election held in Kwabeng, Mr. Padi, who represents the electoral area of ​​Ekorso, received 25 votes (representing 100% of the votes cast).

Mr Padi, a non-governmental organization (NGO) social worker, said he would continue to cooperate with assembly members, staff as well as the District Chief Executive (DCE), Seth Asante, in all companies. .

This, he said, would ensure rapid socio-economic development for people in the communities.

He thanked the members of the assembly for the trust placed in him.

Mr Padi was then sworn in by Kwabeng Magistrate Love Elemons.

She advised the members of the assembly to focus on the education and vocational training of children in the region.

She also called on parents of pregnant schoolgirls to allow these girls to continue their education after giving birth.

DCE Seth Asante on his part assured Mr. Padi of his continued support for community development.