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Blue and White: No election will be set in Israel before US race

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz will not decide whether or not to open the next election in Israel until it is clear who won the election in the United States, senior officials close to Gantz said on Monday in Blue and White at the Jerusalem Post in the Knesset. officials spoke after opposition leader Yair Lapid announced at Monday’s Knesset plenary meeting that his Yesh Atid-Telem party would launch a proposal to dissolve the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and go to elections next Wednesday. “If by then there is no budget approval, then I have no doubt that this time Blue and White will keep his promise and vote with us to disperse the Knesset, send this terrible government home and surrender. in the elections, ”Lapid said during a debate on his party’s motion of no confidence in the government, which was beaten by a vote of 47-34. Blue and White officials were annoyed by Lapid’s decision. They said it would probably not yet be clear next Wednesday who won the election in the United States, which will be a key part of his party’s decision on when to open elections in Israel. Presumably, if US President Donald Trump, who is close to Netanyahu loses, it would help persuade Gantz to bring Netanyahu down by running an election when Netanyahu is vulnerable. “We alone will decide the timing of our next election,” said a Blue and White official. Yesh Atid officials responded that Blue and White leaders had set a deadline for early November due to the 2021 budget’s passing schedule, and it was too late to change it.

“They have set a deadline,” said a Yesh Atid official. “We assume they won’t back down on their own deadline.” Earlier Monday, MP Yamina Ayelet Shaked proposed a bill to dissolve the 23rd Knesset and head for the elections. But she will have to wait 45 days for her bill to be voted on in the Knesset. Other opposition parties already have such bills ready for an immediate vote. During his Yesh Atid-Telem faction meeting, opposition leader Lapid mocked Netanyahu for telling his cabinet that Israel was running out of funding for the capsules for the first and second years and the cabinet decision for the first and second years. students to return to school only three days a week. “The kids are losing their minds,” Lapid said. “Parents cannot work. What will a parent do who has to return to work? Tell their employer that they only work three times a week? “If Netanyahu doesn’t have the money to fund our children’s schools, how does he have the capacity to fund a government of 36 ministers? The ability to finance a water minister and a fictitious minister to strengthen fictitious communities? How does he get the money to buy a plane at the cost of a billion shekels? If you don’t have the money, why do you keep transferring billions in political bribes to your coalition partners? Lapid said the current government is “the most wasteful and irresponsible government in the history of the State of Israel.” Avigdor Liberman on Monday called for a state commission of inquiry into the submarine affair and Israel’s approval of the US sale of the F35 to the United Arab Emirates. “A serious state commission is needed to investigate the whole story from start to finish. Liberman told his Yisrael Beytenu faction meeting. “Either the Prime Minister or the Minister of Defense is lying, and it doesn’t matter which.”Celia Jean contributed to this report.

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