Candidate Profile: David Hamilton, Troy City Council

TROY, MI – There are three seats open for Troy City Council Members in the November general election.

To help readers make informed choices, Patch asked candidates to answer questions about their campaigns and would publish candidate profiles as election day approached.

David Hamilton is running for Member of the City Council of Troy. Here’s how he fills out his profile:

I live in Troy with my wife, Stephanie, and our daughter, Victoria (who turned 2). My brother, his wife, and my four nephews also live here and we enjoy going to family events around the city together.

Is there someone in your family who works in politics or government?



I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering.
I also graduated from the Troy School District.


I am an Engineer who has worked in the auto industry for the last 16 years. I am currently a Research Engineer at Ford Motor Company.

Past or Present Elected or Assigned Office

I was on Troy City Council four years and I was Mayor Pro-Tem of Troy for a year.

Campaign website

Why are you looking for an elective office?

My main motivation in running for re -election to Troy City Council was to make sure all the kids in Troy enjoyed the same childhood I had. I was born and raised here and have lived most of my life here. I want to protect the things that shaped me in the person I am today: our library, parks, recreation programs, community centers, green spaces, and safe and caring neighborhoods. I also believe that transparency and maintaining ethical conduct in government is very important. I want to continue working on a Council that feels the same way and strives to strengthen Troy’s reputation.

The single most pressing issue facing our (board, district, etc.) is _______, and this is what I want to do about it.

Troy’s biggest challenge is the ever -changing COVID crisis and its impact on our residents and business communities. Our businesses provide a third of our property tax revenue and the understandable pivot to work at home has reduced the demand for our office space. We need a plan to handle a business world after COVID and anticipate changes.

I will continue to stand united with the current council to follow all the recommendations from our healthcare heroes. We will inform residents about changes in city operations due to COVID. We offer resources and opportunities to be vaccinated. We offer secure ways to contact the city, such as voting by mail and our secure ballot voting box. We ensure that Troy’s RYDE services (providing transportation to seniors and the disabled) continue to be safe to use and ready to take residents where they need to go. Regarding our local businesses, I will continue to use every available resource to support them, including emergency loans, grants, and mitigation restrictions.

What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post?

I support my fellow incumbent City Council members: Ellen Hodorek and Rebecca Chamberlain-Creanga. The critical difference between us and the other candidates is our direct experience and track record with the Council. We have a deep understanding of how the city works and have years of experience in financial and budget analysis. Together, we also worked hard to bring a new chapter of ethics and responsibility to City Hall and we wanted to preserve that culture. We respect each other, work well together, and believe that community engagement is paramount to maintaining a strong local government. In addition, we strengthened Troy’s finances through a pandemic, giving Troy growth opportunities that few municipalities have today. We want to work with residents and make sure they are part of shaping Troy’s future.

Describe other issues pertaining to your campaign platform.

My priorities will continue to be to protect our green spaces, libraries, and parks. I will continue to support our police, fire, and public works departments. I also wanted to maintain our financial strength. During my term, we paid off $ 18 million in debt. As a member of Troy’s Pension and Retiree Healthcare boards, we made smart, long-term investments, saved the city millions and secured our bond rating to AAA. But the pandemic is unpredictable. I am committed to strengthening our finances to prepare us for the future.

I also look forward to being part of the update to Troy’s Master Plan. It’s a long-term, aspirational vision for the city that influences our development strategy, green spaces, infrastructure, etc. After four extremely educational years on the Council (and growing in Troy), I’m ready to be part of this process to ensure it is done properly and to purchase residents.

What past achievements would you cite as evidence that you can handle this job?

When I was first elected, I fought for transparency in Council and an overhaul of our ethics policy. I feel those changes have brought a new chapter of accountability to City Hall, and our current Council is respected and working together.

During my term, I also worked hard to make good on my original campaign commitments. I supported the creation of a subcommite dedicated to protecting green spaces in Troy. I helped approve a 7-day library and desperately needed investment in its infrastructure, staff, and programs. I supported upgrades to our parks and investments in our trails program. I championed raising police funding by $ 4 million and restoring our Traffic Safety Unit by hiring six new officers.

But I will say that the biggest indication of my ability to handle this work is myself and the current Council that has remained strong and united through the COVID crisis. We followed recommendations from our health care community. We have provided residents with updates, resources, and ways to safely communicate with the city. Through all of this, we strengthened Troy’s finances by paying off $ 18 million in debt, lowering our tax rate by 3.5%, and securing our bond rating to AAA. I am proud of our achievements over the last four years and look forward to what we can achieve together in the future.

The best advice shared with me is:

When you represent a body of people, it’s not about you. They are the boss. You represent them. Part of your job is to contact them and access them. Ask them what they want and include them in the decision -making process.

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