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Fort Worth, United States, May 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Boss Life Consulting, a credit consulting firm, has expanded its credit building program. The expansion aims to help people with poor credit improve their credit rating and achieve financial independence.

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This announcement responds to the growing need for financial literacy to build wealth and be successful.

A credit score is a bigger financial factor than many people realize. A 131 point difference in credit scores means a $ 150 reduction in monthly payments on the same new car of $ 23,000, as well as a 13% difference in interest rates, which translates into savings nearly $ 10,000 on a 66 month term loan. This difference in interest rates is also found on credit cards, mortgages or any other form of borrowing.

Once customers have joined the program, the credit repair process begins with a full audit of the customer’s credit report. A full scan for incorrect, obsolete, or unconfirmed items provides a starting point for removing negative entries, resulting in an increase in credit score.

A lower credit score can create the opportunity to qualify for a better rented home or a rented job. It can potentially lower insurance rates as well.

By developing a strategy to sustainably increase customer credit scores, the program increases the borrowing options available to customers. It can also lead to lower monthly payments.

This in turn allows customers to make large purchases that typically require a secured line of credit, such as a house or a car. This increases the chances of credit card approval, including credit card approvals with better interest rates and benefits.

Boss Life Consulting founder and CEO Corey Allison knows how to create credit from scratch. He began to research credit and how to take advantage of it in prison. Having changed his life, he is now committed to helping others do the same and promote positive change in communities across the United States. In addition to becoming a credit expert and a successful CEO of his own business, he is the author of the book “How to Be the Boss” and a professional mentor for aspiring credit specialists.

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