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FG calls for $ 1.1 billion early settlement from Eni and Shell in Malabu corruption case

The federal government on Wednesday September 9, 2020 asked a Milan court to order Royal Dutch Shell and Eni to pay the sum of $ 1.092 billion as an immediate down payment for damages in the Malabu oil scandal, one of the most important in the oil industry. – never corruption scandals.

During the hearing on the allegation of corruption related to the acquisition of the offshore field OPL 245 by Eni and Shell, the lawyer for the federal government, requested an advance payment before a more complete compensation which will be decided by the court in a later date.

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The case concerns the acquisition in 2011 of the exploration license for oil blocks by Eni and Shell, following the payment of $ 1.3 billion to the Nigerian government for the OPL 245 offshore field. However, it has been alleged that approximately $ 1.1 billion of that ended up in the Malabu Oil and Gas account, which belonged to a former oil minister, Dan Etete, and was used to pay political bribes.

Prosecutors also alleged that Dan Etete, apart from politicians, paid intermediaries and then half for himself.

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Shell says the 2011 deal was the settlement of a long-standing dispute over the federal government’s previous award of the oil block to Shell and Malabo.

It can be recalled that in July, prosecutors asked the CEO of Eni. Claudio Descalzi be jailed and Eni and Shell fined along with some of their former and current leaders.

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In addition, prosecutors also requested the confiscation of the sum of $ 1.092 billion from all defendants in the case, an amount equivalent to the bribes allegedly paid.

The lawyer representing Nigeria, Lucio Lucia, joined the request for seizure of this sum on Wednesday.

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