Governor Requests Assistance For CT Farmers Injured From Tropical Storm Elsa

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont submitted a request to the federal government to help farmers who lost crops and suffered damage from Tropical Storm Elsa in early July.

The governor submitted a farm disaster declaration request to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, according to an announcement on Thursday, Aug. 5th.

If the disaster declaration is approved, farmers in the state will be eligible for several federal disaster assistance programs, including emergency loans.

“Farm owners are small business owners, and they are not only responsible for employing a significant number of people and generating economic activity, but they grow the food that we all rely on. , ”Governor Ned Lamont said. “Any little relief from the damage experienced during this tropical storm will be of help to these farmers. The USDA has been a great partner in Connecticut, and I appreciate their help in this recovery effort.”

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