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Greece to seek redress from Novartis for corruption revelations

The Greek government will examine ways to obtain financial compensation from Swiss drugmaker Novartis in connection with the corruption scandal the company has settled out of court in the United States, government spokesman Stelios said on Friday. Petsas.

Petsas said the government would seek advice from the State Legal Council, but did not elaborate on the plan further.

In a press release, the government spokesperson also criticized the main opposition for “setting up a plot to tarnish their political opponents”, by trying to implicate former prime ministers and ministers of New Democracy and the PASOK in the Novartis scandal, “but did nothing to expose those who have really harmed the Greek state.

“Never mind the silence [SYRIZA leader] Tsipras chooses to stay, those responsible for this plot will be revealed, “he added.

The US Department of Justice said Thursday evening that Novartis Hellas, a unit of Novartis AG based in Greece, will pay a $ 225 million fine and enter into a deferred prosecution agreement for bribery of doctors, hospitals and clinics in order that they prescribe the company’s drugs.

Authorities said Novartis Hellas conspired from 2012 to 2015 to bribe employees of public hospitals and clinics in Greece to buy more Novartis-branded drugs, including Lucentis, which treats a form of vision loss linked to age.

Novartis said the settlements contain no allegations of bribery of Greek politicians, in line with its own internal findings.

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