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Houston Girl Thinks Mom Is Alien After Finding Passport

Do you know those heavy cries that children can push where they are inconsolable? No matter what you say to this little mom, you’re an alien now.

A pretty adorable video is going viral right now here in Texas. Shaakira Brandon, from Houston, shared the video of her daughter breaking down after finding her passport. She says it’s because she recently let her daughter watch Men In Black.

Aliens had their own passports to enter Earth and this little girl thinks ALL passports are for aliens. Nala-Joye, 5, found a photo in her mother’s passport that she said came from space. The poor kid doesn’t know what to believe anymore. My mother is an alien! Yeah, that would’ve messed my head up too when I was a kid.

In just two days, people have watched Nala’s crying over 3 million times and I’m sure it will only increase. My favorite response to the video is actually from the author of the original film Men in Black. Ed Solomon saw the video and simply commented, “My bad, I apologize.”

Come to think of it. I can’t remember the last time I watched the original “Men In Black”. It was one of those videos I was obsessed with in the 90s. Need to go back and see them all again. By the way, the Men in Black cartoon is criminally underrated. Watch it if you ever see it on a streaming service.

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