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HP Ex-servicemen Corporation makes nine rupees profit

Hamirpur (HP), September 25 (UNI) Former military HP company made a profit of nine crore rupees in the year 2020-21 compared to 7.41 crore rupees in the year 2019- 20 /, a statement said on Saturday.

In stating this last night, the chairman of the company Brigadier Khushal Thakur said it was made possible through the efforts of the management of the company and the people involved in its work.

Earlier, a company meeting was held and the President briefed on the achievements of the company over the past year and presented a confirming report on the decisions made on the items from the last meeting.

Various points were discussed in detail during the meeting. On this occasion, many important decisions related to the well-being of soldiers, economic development, security, personnel working in other departments and employees of the company were taken.

Brigadier Thakur said life ahead becomes very difficult for jawans who return home after serving in the military aged 35-40 due to lack of employment opportunities. Not all of these jawans are able to get an opportunity in the 15 percent quota of government jobs. Therefore, with the cooperation of the Himachal Pradesh government and other companies, the company has continuously strived to increase the number of security guards as much as possible.

Apart from this, arrangements are being made to provide more and more transport work for ex-military trucks in various cement plants and other industries.

He said the company urged the state government to contract out the services of ex-servicemen through the Ex-Servicemen Corporation for security and other services in all departments, boards of administration, universities and other institutions.

In this regard, the state government has given instructions to the relevant departments and institutions.

Brigadier Thakur said the company has launched an application application for the convenience of truck operators, keeping the interests of former servicemen in mind, a link to which a link has also been posted for registration on the website. security services. Through this link, state veterans could register their names from their homes. So far a total of 7131 veterans have been registered online through this app.

He said the company had provided jobs for more than 700 veterans as security personnel, even at the height of the COVID pandemic.


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