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In his book The Wizard in Spirits, Harry Houdini tells the story of the life and career of a rudimentary spiritualist named Daniel Dunglas Home. Houdini writes that he was “a charming character with a charming personality on the outside” and that he loved jewelry. “In his later years, he set up a workshop in Italy, paying attention to the sculpture between the session and” selling the bust at a price that was not proportional to the artistic value. “”

Houdini quoted from an 1864 London newspaper article, but you don’t have to be a Fleet Street reporter or an illusionist to root out fraud to see how easy it is to make money in a gallery. of art.

After all, the value of an array is what someone pays for it. Why they pay so much is a whole different matter.

“The variety of frauds in the art world is almost endless, driven by the fact that the art world is run in secrets that other investors don’t dream of manipulating,” says Herbert of the University of San Diego. Professor Lazerow, of the law school, told the New York Times in June.

The Times reported on the potential uses of the art market for money laundering. In January, Congress passed a law that imposes the same type of money laundering prevention regulations on antique dealers that are imposed on banks. The law also requires the Treasury to consider whether these regulations should be extended to the arts market at large. The new European legislation is already moving in this direction.

In February, the then president of the American Art Dealers Association told industry groups that the art world was “in the stage of paranoid horror, despite being descended from Pike.” “a lot of paperwork and a lot of compliance overall”.

According to The Times, Sotheby’s and Christie’s of the Dealers Association and Auction House have been quietly lobbying since 2019 to prevent new regulations that risk blowing up the art world’s precious traditions of secrecy, confidentiality and tax opacity. . We do activities.

And Hunter Biden came and ruined it for everyone.

In February 2020, The New York Times featured the then-nominee’s son, Joe Biden, and wrote about his work: Biden left late last year to find a gallery representative with help from Lanett Phillips. “Biden didn’t sign the gallery. Phillips said this week she no longer advises him, but Biden still aims to showcase his work.

Back then, Hunter Biden’s dad was like a political toboggan, but The Times reports: [Hunter’s] Inquisitive foreign trade could threaten his father’s presidential election if he returns to the top of the March primary candidates. “

For “curious transactions abroad”, the Ukrainian gas company Burisma is a trading company in China when his father was vice president and access to him was worth monetizing. The role of big money has been included.

The artwork of Hunter Biden, whose father is in the Oval Office today, is strangely worth a huge sum. He is currently represented by Galerie Georges Bergès. Two new art exhibitions are planned for professional artists to meet future buyers. A private exhibition will be held in Los Angeles this fall, followed by a larger exhibition in New York. The gallery expects the painting to sell for up to $ 500,000.

He should paint a paper bag brown and invite someone asking for a favor to fill it with a small, unmarked bank note.

The poor White House press team defended this transparent conduit in the game for the selection of influence under “the highest ethical standards of any administration in American history.”

Perhaps they issued a written ethics accord that places new restrictions on foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation when newly elected President Barack Obama was considering Hillary Clinton for the secretary of state’s job. You may not remember claiming and giving approval in the White House, a paid speech by former President Bill Clinton.

You don’t need an art degree to see the value of Hunter Biden’s paintings.

The violation of dominant bargaining position and the sale of access to powerful officials is a form of corruption that enriches officials and their families. Many are completely legal, and the United States Supreme Court has made it more difficult to prosecute bribes and political extortion. A favorable cash deal must actually be in writing in a 36 point policy before the court deems it illegal.

On July 22, reporters asked if the deal between young Biden and the New York gallery owner was in writing and could be shared publicly. White House spokesman Jen Psaki responded, “I can check the details. “

“The universal truth is that everything is connected, and there is something that connects us all, way beyond our senses,” Hunter Biden told reporters.

He’s right about one thing. The Bidens turned their connections into an art form.

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