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Letters to the Editor – June 28, 2021

It is about “Supporting the nascent economic recovery” (June 28). Although banks have abundant liquidity and are willing to lend at low rates, the drawdown of investment credit has been timid. This shows that corporate income streams have not been adequate.

To help overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic, the government must ensure an enabling environment by rapidly completing the vaccination process, in addition to strengthening the necessary infrastructure and reducing taxes.

Galloping inflation raises the cost of inputs, affecting the competitiveness and confidence of entrepreneurs. Tackling bottlenecks in the supply of goods and services is vital to contain inflation, and the Center and state governments must waive some of the taxes they levy on gasoline and fuel. diesel to curb the cascading effect on inflation. In addition, improving the efficiency of businesses and government services is vital in the current situation.

Changanacherry, Kerala

This refers to “To bounce back, India Inc will need more stimulus” (June 28). Indeed, Indian Inc has been more than proactive in helping the population during the pandemic. Unlocking is taking place gradually across the country, and the onus is on companies to ensure employees maintain Covid protocols to minimize the risk of a third wave.

To get the economy back on track, a certain grip is required by all stakeholders – the government must support large companies, which in turn must help their MSME suppliers, and these suppliers must hold the unqualified hand. and disadvantaged workers. Thus, the entire value chain is taken care of.


It is “In deep distress, the aviation sector needs help” (28 June). Today, the economy of any nation is closely linked to regional and global economies. The movement of people is primarily linked to industrial and commercial activity, and the travel sector is a critical indicator of the health of an economy.

The travel industry has been hit the hardest by Covid, suffering huge income and job losses over the past year.

Developed countries like France and Germany, even at the onset of Covid, provided massive financial support to their national airlines. India also needs to support its domestic airlines because, in addition to the loss of revenue, its debt burden is skyrocketing.

Navi Bombay

This is in reference to “Resurgence of the speculative pandemic for now: government” (June 28). There have been a myriad of reports about the third wave and its possible impacts. The Supreme Court has rightly pointed out that any laxity in complying with the Covid protocols will eventually lay the groundwork for a potential third wave.

Although the third wave is not as fatal as the second, one cannot be cautious. In addition, there is an urgent need to develop vaccines for children and to speed up vaccination, especially in rural areas where reluctance to vaccinate has become commonplace.


On ‘Startups Raise $ 8 Billion in Five Months’ (June 28), it’s heartwarming to know that India has a large pool of young talent. Developed countries offer many opportunities for talented people to start new businesses, of which Silicon Valley is the perfect example.

India, too, must encourage entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. They should get the necessary capital and support.

The government should set up an independent body made up of pillars from key sectors like information technology, health and education to encourage young entrepreneurs in various fields. If the government does not pay attention to this aspect, our young talents will go in search of greener pastures. To retain them, the government should encourage research and innovation.


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