Maloney Discusses Economic Recovery with Local Farmers, Introduces Targeting Law

Hosted by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney takes a tour of the farm, stopping first at R&G Produce and ending with a panel of local farmers and industry experts at Wagon Wheel Farm in Goshen. They discussed the unique economic challenges facing the agricultural sector in the wake of COVID-19 and how the federal government will support them in their recovery. Rep. Also introduced. Maloney his latest piece of legislation on behalf of local farmers, The Assistance for the Small Farmers Act of America led by the Senate by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY).

“Our farms have always been the heart and soul of our local economy and they will be key to our economic recovery in the wake of COVID-19. Now, I have heard directly from local farmers about what they need. to get back in. Our family farms have struggled to navigate a year of depressed prices and limited markets, causing them serious finances.They need more help from the federal government to keep their farm open. doors, “he said Rep. Maloney. “I am proud to introduce the Relief for Small Farmers Act to do just that. This bill is designed to help farmers get back into business by offering a one-time debt forgiveness of up to $ 250,000. Farming is the lifeblood of our local economy, and we need to make sure it is a big part of our recovery. ”

Rep. Maloney and Sen. Gillibrand’s The cure for America’s Small Farmers Act will provide direct relief to small farmers to help alleviate slippery debt. This law would provide a one-time debt waiver of up to $ 250,000 on three types of USDA FSA loans: Direct Farm Operation Loans, Direct Farm Ownership Loans, and Emergency Loans. . This bill would work to protect our most vulnerable farmers with an average adjusted total income of $ 300,000 or less over the past five years would be eligible for this debt relief. It will also allow farmers to be eligible to sit during farm seasons over the past five years.

“Small farmers in New York State have been under-financial for years and the economic pandemic number has added even more suffering,said Senator Gillibrand. “The Relief for America’s Small Farmers Act will bring much -needed debt forgiveness and direct relief to our most vulnerable farmers as they work to recover from the pandemic. This relief will not only provide a lifeline to our farmers. , but also strengthen our food supply chain, the economy, and our communities. “

“Hudson Valley farmers appreciate Rep. Maloney’s continued efforts on behalf of agriculture for local farmers and for industry. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with Rep. Maloney and the his dedicated staff and I can’t emphasize what a difference it makes to have a Representative on the House Agriculture Committee.It gives us a voice so our concerns are recorded and addressed.And in recent years there has been no fatigue that Sean worked to ensure appropriate federal assistance and relief, such as the NY Rising Program, PPP, or CFAP programs, were distributed to local qualified farmers.Rep. Maloney saw the big picture and the small ones. farmers who are often ignored or altered in various federal programs will finally find such help in the “Relief for America’s Small Farmers Act.” debt crisis is plaguing small farming families in America. to continue to operate and maintain our small family farm is the backbone of our food system and an important ingredient to maintaining diversity and fair prices for consumers. Win-win policy, “he said Chris Pawelski of Pawelski farms. “This event today is another example of how Rep. Maloney views agriculture and it not only allows us to learn about his work on the Committee in DC but he sees and hears firsthand the concerns and issues that faced by farmers in his District. That is the definition of what an effective representative must do. “

“Small Hudson Valley farms have been hit by COVID-19 and accessing federal aid has not always been easy. Congressman Maloney has been there from day one, helping farms like mine keep open. their doors and stay in business.His latest bill, which provides debt relief to small farmers, will make a real difference to businesses like ours across the Hudson Valley.Agriculture is a key part of our economy – and, as we hear over and over at our table today – it makes a big difference when we have leaders like congressmen fighting for us in Washington, “he said. Jason Touw of Wagon Wheel Farm.

Photos from the event are below and linked here in high resolution. The live video from the event can be found on Rep .’s Facebook. Maloney page.

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