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Mirror message causes Jefferson, TX hotel guests to frantically leave

Living in East Texas, stories from the historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas have become commonplace. You might have some friends who have talked about this place on the dinner table, or just getting closer to the spooky Halloween season.

Either way, many people have decided whether the Jefferson Hotel is haunted or not.

If you are on the fence this video may make you say – “yeah … that’s a scary thing”.

What happened in room 17?

In March of this year, two guests checked into Room 17 at the Jefferson Hotel, but were so scared they left in the middle of the night. The couple settled in for the night and went to the bathroom to take a shower. You can imagine the bathroom started to fog up … and when the couple took a look at the bathroom mirror, there was a message saying ‘you have to go’.

Not very comfortable to read, but the pair didn’t think much about it, wiped it off and returned to the shower. Well, Mr. Ghost didn’t appreciate that they didn’t take the post seriously and CHANGE the post.

When they got out of the shower, the message read “GET OUT”. The couple dropped everything, locked themselves out of the bathroom, and grabbed what they could to get dressed. Hotel staff said they left frantically just after 1am leaving a few things in the room.

The third face

The staff at the Jefferson Hotel wanted to see if they could document what had caused the couple in Room 17 to leave so abruptly – so they went straight to Room 17 itself. Thanks to the Jefferson Hotel’s YouTube channel, we were able to see it for ourselves! Hotel staff say that seeing messages written on walls or mirrors is nothing new, but the fact that that message changed in a matter of minutes was very strange.

The staff turned on the shower to re-fog the mirror so they could see the message. At first glance, hotel staff said the handwriting looked like someone was playing a prank … until they looked at the photos they took.

Take a look at the images below for yourself. In each photo the staff say there were only two staff in the bathroom – except for one.

Credit: YouTube / Historic Jefferson Hotel
Credit: YouTube / Historic Jefferson Hotel

If you look closely you can see a third face appearing to peek around the man standing on the left side of the photo. The staff say they have no idea who this person is.

Would you like to stay at the Jefferson Hotel?

Staff say they returned the next day to recreate the mirror again in order to see the message. This time the message did not appear.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get some sleep when I arrive at the hotel. Whether it’s a stay or a trip to Walt Disney World – I’m not trying to leave an uninvited paranormal guest with me … especially in the bathroom.

Didn’t that scare you enough about the Jefferson Hotel? Find out what happened in Room 13 with Eddie “the haunted doll”. NO THANKS.

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