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Only fairness and justice can silence secessionist agitators – Gen. Abubakar – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

Former head of state General Abdulsalam Abubakar said on Thursday that the only sure way to resolve the issue of succession unrest in the country is for the government to ensure fairness, impartiality and justice in Commonwealth appointments and distribution.

The former head of state said so during an interview with reporters in Minna to mark the 61st anniversary of the nation’s independence.

He said: “The nation has come a long way together as an indivisible united entity, it cannot separate itself despite the turmoil for the succession of certain groups. However, such unrest comes from those who have felt wronged in the affairs of the nation. The government should guarantee fairness, impartiality and justice in all social and economic enterprises.

While stressing that succession is not an option to resolve the issues facing the nation, Gen. Abubakar said Nigeria would be better off as a peaceful nation.

He called on Nigerians to avoid bitterness and embrace peace, regardless of the current challenges facing the nation.

He said: “The agitation of some Nigerians to withdraw is also due to the perception of exclusion in the sphere of things and affairs of governance. I therefore urge the government to support everyone in terms of governance and appointments. “

On the security challenges that afflict the country, the former head of state praised the government’s efforts.

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