Parents in Oakland and Inglewood Unite to Stop School Closing

SOUTH OF 10 – Parents in the Oakland Unified School District are working with Inglewood parents to stop school closures attached to emergency loans taken out by districts to stay solvent.

A zoom meeting will be held tonight with more information.

A common theme in Inglewood and Oakland is the lack of public notice being given to the community, about closures, and the money hanging over administrators to do so.

Members of the Oakland organization leading the effort spoke with 2UrbanGirls about the importance of unity across the state.

We were involved when our children’s school in Oakland closed. As we further protested and investigated the situation, we learned more of a heinous history of state takeover of most Black and Brown districts, forcing these districts to close schools and allow charters. school to replace them.

In Oakland, the state of California, Bloomberg, the Gates, and two local groups funded by Eli Broad are all involved in closing more than 20 majority of children of color schools in Oakland and replacing most of them with charter schools. When we protested the closure of our children’s school at a school board meeting, the school district tortured us parents by the police in front of our children- which resulted in my hospitalization due to severe surgery on knee that took 1.5 years before I healed. .

Much of this history has to do with state acquisition, where the state forced Oakland to take out a $ 100 million loan, which Oakland did not have to ask for, and then forced the district to close schools to pay off the debt.

We’re working with state legislators on a state bill to pay Oakland and other districts for loans we don’t want, and trying to get parents and teachers in Inglewood and other districts with similar locations to transfer this State law. We would like to contact anyone in Inglewood who is willing to work with us about this.

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