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Pay contract staff by the 7th of each month: Government | Gurgaon News

Gurgaon: The state government has made it mandatory to release wages for contract workers before the seventh day of every month, and failure to do so will result in a daily fine.
In a notification issued by the Human Resource Department on Thursday, the state government announced the new guidelines for the recruitment of contract workers under Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam which will be deemed applicable from April 1. .
In the new guidelines, the government retained the one-year term of contract workers, with further extensions based on job satisfaction.
Preference will be given to families whose annual income is less than Rs 1.8 lakh, as well as those included in the Antyodaya family list.
According to the government, the program aims to meet short-term needs for unskilled and semi-skilled labour, including “the emerging needs of government organizations not exceeding the role of employment level III”.
“This policy shall apply to all departments, councils, corporations, public sector undertakings, missions or authorities to deploy labor for any position whether or not listed in the schedules of rates Nigam’s salary,” the chief secretary said. Sanjeev Kaushal.
“However, this policy does not apply to individuals engaged in skilled/high-skilled and administrative occupations above Tier III, contract employees deployed on projects such as National health mission (NHM) and HRDA, and part-time contract workers like anganwadis, among others,” he added.
The Government of Haryana has recently established Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam Limited (HKRNL), with a mandate to deploy contract workers and workers for outsourced category services in Ministries, Boards, Corporations, Statutory Entities, State Universities and other government owned and controlled agencies. State government.
Through the new rules and parameters, the government aims to address the grievances of workers who regularly resort to protests against wage delays, lack of social security and exploitation by contractors.
“With well-defined parameters, we will make recruitment transparent. Also, there are guidelines for releasing wages before the seventh day of each month. Failure to comply with this instruction will result in a daily fine. Additionally, workers will also receive social security benefits depending on the nature of the work,” a senior government official said.
Candidates applying for the jobs will get marks out of 150. Of these, the least weighting, 10 points, was given to the Common Eligibility Test (CET). Candidate’s economic status and place in CM’s Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojna gets the maximum weighting, 40 and 50 points, respectively.
“The lower the income, the higher the weighting. Youngsters from families earning up to Rs 1.80 lakh per year will get additional 40 points for jobs, 30 for earning up to Rs 2.5 lakh, 20 for earning up to Rs 4 lakh and 10 for families up to an income of Rs 6 lakh,” the official added.
“Those with a skills certificate will get 20 points for recruitment and five points for socio-economic status. In addition, since we promote local employment, an additional 10 points will be awarded to residents of the same neighborhood,” a- he added.


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