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Quotes that define Sheikh Khalifa’s legacy

Sheikh Khalifa, the second president of the United Arab Emirates, who served as ruler from 2004 until his death last Friday, will be remembered for his vast contributions to the growth and empowerment of the country.

These will define the legacy of his leadership and can best be summed up in some of his best known quotes.

The lives of citizens

Understanding that the citizens of the UAE are the heart of the Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa said, “We will spare no effort to realize the hopes and ambitions of our people, and we call on everyone to work hard to develop our country. “.

Local authorities fulfill this promise with the majority of citizens having stable jobs.

Young people are also recognized as an integral part of the country’s future, but they will have to work hard to bring growth and prosperity.

“Young people are the real wealth of the nation,” he said.

“Nations do not grow by wishes, but by hard-won achievements.”

Foreign Police

Sheikh Khalifa thought it was important to be flexible in order to keep pace with the rest of the world. A recent example of this belief being put into practice occurred in early 2022, when the United Arab Emirates aligned its working week with the Western world.

“We do not live on an isolated island, so it is natural that in many cases we adapt our aspirations, ambitions and businesses to the various changes regionally and internationally,” he said.

Equal rights

The UAE has come a long way in promoting equal rights. It is ranked among the leading countries for gender equality in the region, according to the 2021 report of the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report. By implementing a number of public and private sector initiatives, women are playing a more visible and stronger role in government and business.

“Women make up half of society, and companies that don’t employ that full half are doomed.”

“Any development enterprise that excludes women should be seen as lack of development,” he said.

“The UAE has transcended segregation between men and women. The main evaluation standards are merit and competence, ability and excellence.


Sheikh Khalifa has often been quoted on his plans for the future of the UAE’s economy, with visions of the Emirates becoming a major player on the world stage.

“We intend to transform the UAE into a regional hub for the global economy,” he said.

Sheikh Khalifa also saw the private and public sectors as partners in developing the lives of citizens.

“The private sector is a fundamental partner of the state in development plans that aim both to improve the standard of living of the average citizen and to face potential challenges.


In the United Arab Emirates, Emirati students can attend public universities for free, and three Emirati universities are among the top 500 universities in the world.

Sheikh Khalifa expressed support for the college experience, saying it was a time of “enlightenment” for students.

“The university is not only a field of pure academic study; rather, it is a center of glorious intellectual, civilizational and cultural enlightenment.


In 2023, the UAE is set to host the COP 28 environmental conference. World leaders and decision-makers will gather to discuss the fight against climate change, but also to demonstrate the UAE’s commitment to protection and conservation, of which Sheikh Khalifa has often reminded the public.

“Protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development in the UAE is a national duty; it has its own institutional structures, an integrated legislature and advanced systems,” he said.

“Environmental protection and conservation are always part of the UAE’s strategic objectives.”

respect for humanity

Finally, Sheikh Khalifa’s respect for human life was evident in his powerful words about war and destruction. The UAE has provided large sums in the form of humanitarian donations to countries struggling with war and natural disasters. He was also a major player during the Covid-19 pandemic helping distribute vaccines around the world.

“Wars of all types and forms are suicide attempts,” he said.

“The spirit of Islam can never lead to destruction.”

“History does not make heroes; on the contrary, heroes are the true creators of history.

Updated: May 16, 2022, 11:09 a.m.

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