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Scary image appears in selfie of Tuscaloosa Lake in Alabama

Kara Pickett Cole took an innocent selfie with her son on Lake Tuscaloosa in Alabama this week. After this photo was posted on Facebook, an unexplained image appeared in the background. A frightening image. A very frightening image.

What is in the water behind this mom and her son? They have no idea. And neither did the dozens of people who saw the photo and commented.

The photo was taken on Tuscaloosa Lake on Monday afternoon around 3 p.m. No one else seemed to be on the lake. There was nothing in the water. Where was there?

The mother / son selfie with the scary unexplained clutter was shared on Facebook.

People started to share their thoughts on the image of Tuscaloosa Lake. Here are some of those thoughts.

Is this the body of a drowning victim never found?

Is it the energy or the spirit of a person whose body ended up in Tuscaloosa Lake?

Is it just a reflection of sunlight when the photo was taken?

Is it a mutilated branch or the debris of a tree?

Is this a promotion for the next computer movie?

Maybe a descendant of Jason Voorhies from FRIDAY the 13th?

Whatever the explanation, this spooky image of Tuscaloosa Lake gets people talking.

So what do you think it is?

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