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Sip it straight or add a splash of water, here’s how to taste whiskey in different ways

Being the biggest consumers of whiskey in the world, we Indians are known to love our glasses of molten gold. There are no hard and fast rules or right and wrong ways to enjoy your whisky. If it’s a drink you savor and enjoy, that’s all that matters! However, there are ways to enhance the underlying notes and flavors of our favorite single malt to achieve the ultimate drinking experience.

On this World Whiskey Day, Angad Singh Gandhi, Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador, shares with you different ways to make your whiskey experience more enjoyable:

Slurp directly
Drinking pure whiskey is probably one of the “purest” ways to enjoy your drink. This way you enjoy the unaltered flavors and aromas of the drink

Whiskey with a splash of water
Adding a little water opens the whiskey. It releases a rich mixture of aromas and accentuates its taste, exalting delicate and complex flavors. The amount of water you add is always a personal choice, however too much water can cause the whiskey to lose its essential flavor.

Experiment with the drink
There is a growing trend to create inventive new cocktails using whisky. Highly trained bartenders help deliver the experience that consumers are looking for today and for this they use the best of whiskeys, contributing to the overall demand, preference and taste of Scotch. Therefore, there is plenty of room to innovate with your drink. For example, you can enjoy a whiskey highball with a hint of mint during the summers or indulge in a dessert cocktail for that warm fuzzy feeling. Try different flavors and mixes to find your favorite.

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Angad Singh Gandhi, Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador

Magic Food Pairings
Whiskey and food are a heavenly marriage. Pairing whiskey with dark chocolate or combining it with tea/coffee to create cocktails can enhance the overall notes and flavor of the drink. Your favorite ice cream flavor can also be made even more enjoyable with blazing whiskey or by simply pouring in a single malt. These unique pairings can open up a world of flavors and aromas, so feel free to experiment and innovate with your drinks to get the best experience.

Music, atmosphere and good company
Ultimately, the best way to enjoy whiskey is to share a glass of this elixir with your friends and family and some great music to make the experience better and memorable!