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SThree: Participations in the company

SThree (STEM) SThree: Holdings in Company 15-Sep-2021 / 16:08 GMT / BST Broadcast of a regulatory announcement containing inside information in accordance with REGULATION (EU) n ° 596/2014 (MAR), transmitted by the group EQS. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this advertisement.

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TR-1: Standard form for notification of large holdings

1. Issuer details



Issuer name


British or non-British transmitter


2. Reason for notification

An acquisition or disposal of voting rights

3. Contact details of the person subject to the notification obligation


JPMorgan Asset Management Holdings Inc.

City of head office (if applicable)


Headquarters country (if applicable)

united states of america

4. Contact details of the shareholder

Name                                   City of registered office Country of registered office 
JPMorgan Asset Management (UK) Limited 

5. Date on which the threshold was crossed or reached


6. Date on which the Issuer notified


7. Total number of posts of person (s) subject to the notification obligation

                                % of voting rights     % of voting rights through      Total of both Total number of 
.                               attached to shares     financial instruments (total of in % (8.A +   voting rights held 
                                (total of 8.A)         8.B 1 + 8.B 2)                  8.B)          in issuer 
Resulting situation on the date 
on which threshold was crossed  4.627245 %             0.552692 %                      5.179937 %    6915780 
or reached 
Position of previous            N/A                    N/A                             N/A 
notification (if applicable) 

8. Details notified of the resulting situation on the date on which the threshold was crossed or reached

8A. Voting rights attached to the shares

Class/Type of shares ISIN Number of direct voting Number of indirect voting % of direct voting   % of indirect voting 
code(if possible)         rights (DTR5.1)         rights (DTR5.2.1)         rights (DTR5.1)      rights (DTR5.2.1) 
GB00B0KM9T71                                      6177873                                        4.627245 % 
Sub Total 8.A             6177873                                           4.627245% 

8B1. Financial instruments according to (DTR5.3.1R. (1) (a))

Type of financial   Expiration Exercise/         Number of voting rights that may be acquired if the       % of voting 
instrument          date       conversion period instrument is exercised/converted                         rights 
Sub Total 8.B1 

8B2. Financial instruments having a similar economic effect according to (DTR5.3.1R. (1) (b))

Type of financial       Expiration    Exercise/conversion    Physical or cash       Number of voting    % of voting 
instrument              date          period                 settlement             rights              rights 
Cash settled Equity     N/A           N/A                    Cash                   737907              0.552692 % 
Sub Total 8.B2                                                                      737907              0.552692% 

9. Information relating to the person subject to the notification obligation

2. Complete chain of controlled companies through which voting rights and / or financial instruments are effectively held, starting with the natural or legal person with ultimate control (please add additional rows if necessary)

Ultimate       Name of       % of voting rights if it   % of voting rights through financial  Total of both if it 
controlling    controlled    equals or is higher than   instruments if it equals or is higher equals or is higher than 
person         undertaking   the notifiable threshold   than the notifiable threshold         the notifiable threshold 
JPMorgan Asset JPMorgan 
Man-agement    Asset         4.627245 %                 0.552692 %                            5.179937% 
Holdings Inc   Management 
               (UK) Limited 

10. In case of proxy voting

Name of representative

The number and% of voting rights held

The date until which the voting rights will be held

11. Additional information

Chain of controlled companies: JPMorgan Asset Management Holdings Inc JPMorgan Asset Management International Limited (100%) JPMorgan Asset Management (UK) Limited (100%)

12. Completion date


13. Place of completion


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ISIN:           GB00B0KM9T71 
Category Code:  HOL 
TIDM:           STEM 
LEI Code:       2138003NEBX5VRP3EX50 
OAM Categories: 2.3. Major shareholding notifications 
Sequence No.:   122261 
EQS News ID:    1233655 
End of Announcement  EQS News Service 

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September 15, 2021 11:09 am ET (3:09 pm GMT)

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