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The spooky stone carving of the Hudson Valley fascinates those who see it

Just seeing the stone piqued my curiosity, but reading the lore behind it gave me goosebumps.

With an area with a deep history like the Hudson Valley in New York City, there are a ton of weird artefacts and monuments in the area.

I am always ready to learn facts about the Hudson Valley and find strange things. The more bizarre, the better. Whether it’s the story with Benedict Arnold’s connections to the Hudson Valley, spooky tree stumps with smiling faces, or where you have the best chance of being abducted by aliens, there is really not much that is taboo for me. I am fascinated by all things.

Take a look at this fascinating rock above. What does that mean exactly?

There is a theory that these sculptures either resemble shamans and chiefs or divine figures who crossed paths with Native Americans over 300 years ago.

According to research by local author Mike Adamovic of Hudson Valley History & Mystery, these stones are called petroglyphs and there are several found throughout the Hudson Valley. A petroglyph is a pictorial art unlike a hieroglyph which is used to represent words.

This particular rock is known as the Wilderstein Petroglyph. Wilderstein translates to “the stone of the wild man” in German. The rock is a bit difficult to see at first, but it’s located at the historic Wilderstein site in Rhinebeck according to Adamovic.

Although this rock is believed to represent a native shaman because of the headdress, there are other petroglyphs that represent the early settlers of the 1600s. Along with the clothing and items that these settlers and explorers would have appeared to them as gods, this rock which is amazing when you think about it.

Have you ever visited the historic site of Wilderstein? Have you ever seen these kind of rocks in the Hudson Valley?

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