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The two sessions of Fuqing came together, aiming to accelerate the continued development of a modern and international port city

FUQING, China, January 5, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The first session of the 18th Fuqing Municipal People’s Congress and the first session of the 15th Fuqing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) were held from December 26-29, 2021. People’s Congress deputies and CPPCC members from various industries in the city gathered to provide advice and suggestions, and discussed Fuqing’s development plan, focusing on forming a city. modern and international port, and on the acceleration of high-level development, according to the publicity department of the Fuqing Municipal CPC Committee.

During the two sessions, the First Honorary Citizenship Awards Conference and the Honorable Fuqing Hall Commendation Conference were also convened. By perpetuating the culture of good repute, pursuing the spirit of good repute and accumulating the strength of good repute, the people of Fuqing will strive to write a new chapter in the development of their city. At the conferences, ten people who do not reside in Fuqing and who have made outstanding contributions to economic development, social enterprises, charitable activities and foreign exchange in Fuqing were named Honorary Citizens of Fuqing, and eight were inducted. at the Hall of Honorable Persons in Fuqing.

In 2021, Fuqing continued to make vigorous and rapid achievements in its overall development: the city’s ranking in the top 100 counties rose to 13th place for its economy and 16th place for its investment competitiveness. ; he twice won first place in Fujian province in the quarterly evaluations of the five lots; and he ranked # 1 in his Show, Compete and Learn from Each Other campaign, one of the from Fuzhou key projects.

Looking forward to the New Year, all the people of Fuqing will certainly accept the mission – actively take on the role, and be energetic and engaged in hard work. In 2022, Fuqing will focus on promoting its industrial upgrading, improving the city’s image and people’s quality of life, and working on the continuous improvement of public services. In order to achieve a 10% increase in regional GDP, it will establish three industrial clusters, each worth at least 100 billion, and eight industrial clusters, each worth at least 10 billion. It will fully integrate the Fuzhou metropolitan area and promote the development of the new eastern city and other neighborhoods. It will also focus on improving people’s livelihoods and happiness.

“We will fully implement the Guiding Principles of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the Guiding Principles of the 11th Fujian Provincial CPC Congress,” said a senior official in the Fuqing City Government. “We will adhere to the essence of the thinking of the strategic project ‘3820’ and fully integrate Fuqing into the overall development of modern international cities by Fujian and Fuzhou in this new era. Our aim is to make Fuqing a bigger and stronger provincial sub-central city, focusing on building a modern international port city, entering a new phase of development and construction in Fuqing. We will offer experience as pioneers in promoting our global first-rate development. ”

SOURCE The Advertising Department of the Fuqing Municipal CPC Committee