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They say there’s a lost treasure in this Colorado reservoir

An exciting mission for Colorado adventurers might be to search for a large treasure that remains buried near the Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins.

According to the Rocky Mountain Prospectors and Treasure Hunters, the untraceable chunk of money known as Robber’s Roost Treasure is said to be worth over $ 1 million in today’s currency.

In 1863, a stagecoach carrying $ 60,000 in payroll was traveling from the Virginia Dale station in northern Colorado to Fort Sanders in Wyoming. The money consisted of freshly minted $ 10 and $ 20 double eagle coins. However, just a few kilometers after leaving the station, the wagon was stolen by six outlaws – it was the Wild West, after all.

The outlaws stole the box containing the parts and quickly fled the scene, heading west towards the foothills of Fort Collins. The thieves managed to break the lock, gaining access to the sum of money inside the box, but were threatened by the looming American cavalry, who wanted them dead. Having no other choice, the outlaws hid the gold coins somewhere on the east side of the reservoir in hopes of returning to their wealth after escaping the cavalry.

Before they could return to their hiding place, the outlaws were killed by American cavalry. After their deaths, the cavalry located the tin box that once held the army’s payroll but, to their dismay, it was now both full of bullets. holes and void.

Many treasure hunters believe this large amount of loot can be found atop Table Mountain, about a mile northeast of Virginia Dale Stage Station.

The six outlaws were the only people who knew where the plethora of coins were hidden, and to this day the money has yet to be found. Who will be the one who locates these gold coins?

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