Trae tha Truth, activists outraged by Breonna Taylor’s decision

Calls for justice ring out over details of Taylor’s death makes national headlines in March. Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency room technician living in Louisville, Ky., Was at home, sleeping in her bed, when police executed a “no hitting warrant” and shot her six times in the body, killing her.

None of the Louisville police officers in the botched raid were charged with Taylor’s death.

The only charge brought on Wednesday concerned the endangering of neighboring residences during a shooting. Officer Brett Hankison has been charged with endangerment without cause for shooting in a nearby apartment the night Taylor was killed.

Community leaders and activists are calling the decision “absurd.”

Houston rapper and activist Trae tha Truth spoke KHOU 11 to express his feelings about it, saying it was “nothing less than a slap in the face.”

The rapper flew to Louisville yesterday to protest, after helping families rescue from Tropical Storm Beta.

HEROES OF THE HOMETOWN: Trae tha Truth and his Relief Gang help Topical Storm Beta victims

Trae tha Truth has been outspoken about his feelings regarding social justice and has shared several Instagram posts regarding the ruling.

In another post, he shares the indictment. In the caption he writes: “Nothing on this indictment even recognizes Breonna Taylor … Wtf !!”

Lawyers in the Taylor case called the decision “outrageous and offensive” and “someone should be held responsible because an innocent woman was shot dead in her own home,” as Jemima McEvoy reported with Forbes.

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