Tweets from Texas Republicans mocking California power outages resurface amid power crisis

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After a Winter storm crippled Texas power grid, leaving millions of residents without power in unusually cold temperatures for the season, Republican politicians in the state have come under scrutiny for their tweets mocking a similar crisis in California the year last.


Tweets blaming California power outages last summer on the green policies of Democratic state leaders have been seized on as an example of how partisan attacks often obscure the realities of these energy crises, with climate journalist Brian Kahn Tweeter, “You will be shocked to learn that neither the California nor the Texas outages are due to renewables.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom had highlighted climate change as culprit of the progressive blackouts his state faced last summer, but Republicans keen to make an example of the nation’s largest Democratic state throw it as a failure of green energy policies.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted back in the days when California was “now unable to perform even the basic functions of civilization,” adding that Joe Biden, who was running for president at the time, wanted “to make CA’s failing energy policy the national standard “.

Some have gone further, linking California’s woes directly to Democratic control of the state: “California politicians did that, not the heat,” tweeted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, while Dan Patrick, the Lieutenant Governor of the State, tweeted, “This is what happens when Democrats are in charge.”

“Alexa, show me what happens when you let the Democrats control energy policy”, tweeted Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) in September.

The battle between California and Texas, the country’s largest Trump-voting state, served as a stand-in for national ideological debates, intensified by Texas constant evolution towards democrats – which is partly due to a Californians flood.


Some commentators have also taken possession of Cruz request to President Biden for federal disaster funding in Texas, which Biden approved, accusing the senator of hypocrisy given his opposition to help with other natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy.

Crucial quote

“We had issues with just about every type of generating capacity during this multi-day event,” Dan Woodfin, senior official with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) – which manages the independent power grid. of State. – says Bloomberg. Problems with natural gas, coal and nuclear facilities have proven to be particularly damaging, he said, contrary to popular belief that frozen wind turbines are primarily responsible for the electricity problems.

Large number

10. This is the number of deaths would have been confirmed in the Houston area alone because of the storm: four from a fire, two from an exposure, two from carbon monoxide poisoning and one from a traffic accident.

What to watch out for

ERCOT mentionned Tuesday afternoon that “the availability of the generation improves”, although the city of Austin warned “Customers should be prepared to have no electricity until Tuesday evening and possibly longer.”

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