Union Market is closing its doors

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – Union Market is closing its doors in downtown Mankato.

“It feels like a loss for the long -term community,” said artist Ashley Siehler.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Fisher Group opened the South Front Street retailer in 2019. In January 2020, then general manager Gina Moorhead took over the business.

It closed for construction, which is scheduled to be completed in March.

“There is no paint on the walls, no sliding doors. She kind of put her heart and soul into it, ”said Sarah Wooding, a vendor at Union Market.

But the pandemic hit, and the reopening of the Union Market was pushed back.

“We’ve been closed longer than expected,” said owner Gina Moorhead.

With no income coming in, months of rent and final bills are piled up.

The retailer officially reopened in September, and business began.

“Every month, we grow and grow and grow and grow, but we still have months of COVID back rent that we have to pay,” Moorhead said.

He recently applied for a loan through the Small Business Administration.

Emergency loans to pay rent and wages,” Moorhead added.

This is a process that takes approximately four weeks. But he said Coldwell insisted he would pay the remaining balances before Nov. 30.

It was a deadline the SBA had not met, and on Tuesday, Moorhead received a phone call saying he needed to be out of place before 4:30 pm and drop the keys.

Today, the Union Market is almost empty.

In a statement sent to KEYC News Now, Coldwell said, “We want to respect Gina’s transition process as she moves her business model. There is no further comment at this time.

Moorhead wants the dismissal delayed.

“I will not rush the Small Business Administration. I can’t push them for long, but the application is on, and we’re good for it, ”Moorhead added.

Coldwell currently has no plans for the 4,000-square-foot space and is looking for a new tenant.

“It offers more than anyone in the area,” said James Sweigler, a vendor at Union Market.

People can still shop online, but vendors say the business won’t be the same.

“I just kind of feel heartbroken and disappointed,” artist Amber Rahe said.

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